Causes and Treatment of Acne Rosacea

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acne_rosaceaAcne rosacea is one of the chronic skin disorders characterized by the reddening of the cheeks, nose or forehead. Individuals who are suffering from rosacea are those of 30 years of age and above. Research shows that one out of twenty people in US is suffering from rosacea. Despite the effort put in place by medical experts, the treatment for this condition has not yet been found.


Causes of Rosacea


The main cause of rosacea has not yet been established up to this very day. However, it is believed to be an inherited condition. Some doctors have also linked it to bacteria infection and also immune disorders. Treating the condition at its early stages is often regarded as a wise idea. This is because; if the disorder is dealt with quickly it may never have a chance growing further. If the situation is left to progress, the redness of the cheeks, forehead or nose may become permanent. Women are more vulnerable when it comes to rosacea than their male counterparts, men however happens to experience harsher rosacea conditions than women.


Experts in medical field have discovered several factors that they believe can cause or trigger rosacea. It should be noted that these rosacea triggering factors differ from one person to another. Since rosacea affects the face alone, it is therefore believed that these triggers must have something to do with the blood vessels found in the face. Alcohol, coffee, stress, exposure to the wind or heat from the sun and highly spiced foods are few of the things that can generate the condition. The main challenge that many individuals encounter is the fact that there is no familiar cause and it differs from one individual to another individual. Luckily, medical researchers have established a connection between rosacea and digestive disorders.


A good number of people suffering from rosacea have been tested and found to possess very minimal level of acid in the stomach. When one is having very small stomach acid, perfect digestion of chief food minerals cannot take place. For this reason, the growth of fungal bacteria in the skin will have high chances of taking place. Research has also indicated that deficiencies of vitamin B- is very familiar with majority of rosacea sufferers, therefore, helpful bacteria or probiotic organisms in biological terms are often suppressed or killed.


Treatment and Remedies


While the actual treatment of rosacea is yet to be found, there are more things that one can do to restrain the condition. This is because, leaving the conditioned untreated can become far much extreme in the long run. While foods and drinks have been adversely mentioned to be some of the rosacea causes, avoiding them would be a wise idea. Doctors can also help individuals on ways of eliminating toxins from the body as it can also help in facilitating digestion of minerals and vitamins.


Some individuals have managed to treat rosacea with natural occurring medicines. But again, the natural medicines cannot completely heal acne rosacea since they can only help in reducing effects of the condition. Some herbs are good in improving digestive process in the body hence can lay a vital role in dealing with rosacea.

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