Debate: Does ADHD Exist?

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition where a child exhibits some extreme behaviors that can be disturbing for other people. Usually, this is demonstrated at school. As the child leaves his house, he will need to fit in with the crowd and this includes following social rules and norms. People with ADHD fail to do this because they process their world differently.

But before we go into the debate on whether ADHD exists or not, you should first take a closer look at the illness. ADHD is a condition that contains a set of behaviors that will make it hard for a child to fit in and succeed in his studies.

This is comprised of three types of behaviors namely impulsivity or not thinking before doing, hyperactivity or having the extra energy to do outrageous things all the time and inattentiveness where your child can float into outer space. While these behaviors are not really ‘harmful’ when the child is in a neutral environment like the home, it becomes an issue when he is in a social setting like the school.

However, there is still a debate on whether this condition exists or not. You see, other people simply dismiss it to be a result of poor parenting. Some so-called experts have the nerve to say that other people should do some things to their children so that they may develop proper conduct. What they do not know is that ADHD is an illness that develops inside the mind. It is not the child’s fault that he or she has it. Actually, given the choice he/she would rather be like his/her peers. It always breaks the heart of parents of hyperactive children when other people say that their child is normal. After all, they do not know what they are going through.

You will know if ADHD exists once you start managing a person who has it. You see, ADHD is usually managed through medications. If a child takes a regular dose of medications, then he will be able to manage his behaviors and perform well at school. You will see this in his grades and how his teacher complains about him. You can make a clear comparison in those days that you fail to administer some medicine. He will usually do outrageous things like dancing on top of his desk or letting his mind fly during daydreaming. If with all these, ADHD still does not exist, then why do medications really have an impact on the child’s actions?

ADHD is real. It happens to around 3% of the children in America. To say that it does not exist is to be numb to all the children who experience it and parents that manage it. It is very easy to stand in the outsider’s perspective and make some claims like the parents did not discipline the child or other things. But that is only worsening the problem. It is better to just open your mind and accept that this condition exists and it is best to understand them rather than judge them.

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