Heart Risk Not Proven in ADHD Medications

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While there have been some studies that claim that ADHD medicine can increase heart rate and blood pressure, there are also some studies that counter the claim. In the UK, their Food and Drug Administration funded a study that will test this and they have found that ADHD drugs have no effect on the heart.

This is a study that has been included in the New England Journal of Medicine. It has tested several brands of ADHD medicine like Ritalin, Adderal XR and Concerta to see if it can really cause some cardiovascular diseases. However, in a study conducted by UK’s FDA, the results show otherwise.

There have been several studies on this area and the concern about the link between cardiovascular diseases and Attention Deficit Disorder medicine keeps on growing. Along with this, an increasing number of parents become concerned since ADHD medicine is administered to their child which is usually younger than 6 years old.

Their study should not be belittled. They have done a cohort study of over 1.2 million children from the ages 2 to 24. They found some children who are using ADHD drugs for their condition and children that do not use those drugs. From here, cardiovascular events are noted. This is so there will be a clear comparison between the intake of ADHD drugs and the cardiovascular illnesses that may occur. There may be a chance that other studies may have made a mistake on their samples so the correlation was clear. In the study conducted by FDA, however, it showed that there is no correlation between the two.

This is an important study because a lot of American children who have Attention Deficit Disorder are dependent on medications. It has been said that around 3% of all the children in the population of the United States suffer from this condition. That is around 3.3 million American people. These people take their medications because it has been prescribed by their doctor. But this does not mean that they do not know that taking it has its risk. They know about it yet they still take the medicine.

From here, you may be wondering about the other studies that have been conducted. You may wonder why they came with that conclusion. In fact, there is a study in the late 2009 that discusses how Ritalin increases the likelihood in having cardiovascular problems. They came into that conclusion without taking into consideration the limitations of the study. With this, the studies that make these claims are pretty weak.

If there is really a link between Attention Deficit Disorder drugs and cardiovascular diseases, the likelihood is very small and somewhat negligible. True enough, a study in the University of Pennsylvania proved this point and that worrying about heart problems when taking ADHD medicine is somewhat silly for there is a really low and almost negligible chance.

With this, it is safe to say that the brands of ADHD drugs that have been highlighted in this study can be taken on a daily basis. If you have Attention Deficit Disorder or your child has it, then you should consider buying these brands instead. Of course, it will always help if you will ask your doctor about it. That way, you can be sure that the medicine that you are using is 100% safe.

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