Issue On Medications On Treating ADHD in Children

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I know that there are a lot of issues in putting children through ADHD medications. There have been some studies that claim that ADHD drugs can have side effects. Usually, they say that these medicines can promote or aggravate heart problems.

While there are studies that counter this claim, this still leaves parents confused on whether they should give ADHD drugs to their children especially if they are just under 6 years of age.

You see, the situation is quite simple. A child with ADHD will always find it hard to fit in at school. These are the children that have their parents called because of their issues. They rarely sit still and they talk a lot. Sometimes, it can even go to the extent of saying things that are inappropriate for some people. They may also find it hard to focus and they will not be able to sit still while carpet time. Because of this, their grade suffers and they can engage in lots of fights as they interact with other people.

You can understand this better if you will take a closer look at the symptoms of this illness. You see, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is composed of three types of symptoms namely inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity.

Inattentiveness is present in children who are not necessarily physically active but you will see that their minds are wandering all of the time. You will usually see them daydreaming even as they engage in a conversation with another person. While this type is not necessarily ‘harmful’ to other people, it can still be a hindrance to the child’s future. This means that the child will find it hard to learn new things because of his lack of attention.

Meanwhile, there is also hyperactivity which is the most popular among the types. This is where the child can rarely sit still, talks all the time and at time run all over the place. It is as if these children have lots of energy to spare that they want to be always on the move. While this is great for little kids, it can be weird for older kids around 7 years of age. By this time, the child should have learned how to manage his energy and stay still as the teacher instructs.

Last but not the least, there is impulsivity. This is where the child rarely thinks before saying things. While this is present in almost all children, it becomes an issue when it is done on a regular basis. This is where the child engages into fights and can hurt other people’s feelings with his words.

If you see your child displaying any of the above symptoms, then the doctor may prescribe some medications like Ritalin and Atomoxetine to curb his hyperactivity. You may wonder if this is okay. But according to the experience of a parent of a 7-year old hyperactive child, it has been a success. You see, medicating children is not new in this area. Almost all children with ADHD have medications and the earlier they do it, the better.

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