Study Shows That ADHD Can Be Treated With Parental Training

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If you have a child that has ADHD, then you are probably worrying about what you should do. Well, that will depend on the age of the child. If your child is younger than 6 years old, then giving him some medications may not be a good idea.

After all, how can a small child take the effect of medications? This is the reason why alternative ways of treating the condition have been proposed and one of this is altering the parental training. Just imagine the changes that it can do to your child. You will see a significant behavioral change without administering any artificial means.

The reason why I am so confident in this is because there has been a study that has been conducted in this area. The US Department of Health AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) has created a study that tested the correlation of parental training with ADHD in children below 6 years of age. While doctors will usually prescribe that the children undergo certain medications like atomoxetine it has been shown that the children have improved not because of the effects of the medicine but because of the effects of the change of parental training.

Of course, there are some downsides with altering parental training. First, it is absolutely required that the parents of the children undergo a therapy. This means that their behavior and outlook are altered for the sake of the child. Of course, since we are dealing with people, this does not happen perfectly all the time. A lot of parents drop out from the therapy which ruins the change altogether. However, it is still proven to be safer instead of administering medications that can affect the growth of children.

Now the government is offering some programs with the goal of helping parents with children who have ADHD. There is the Positive Parenting of Preschoolers Programs, The New Forest Parenting Program, Incredible Years Parenting Program and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. Its goal is to immediately address behavioral issues in the parents which may affect how the child has grown. This gives the ball to the hands of the parents so that they can have full control on the improvement of their child’s condition.

This new study can now raise new hopes and open new doors in the medical field. It means that a child with ADHD still has the hope of becoming a normal person in the future. If you have a child with ADHD, then you are perhaps familiar with the challenges that it poses in your daily life. This study is not here to blame you for what has become of your child. Instead, it gives you the power to give your child a brighter future. It shows that by simply altering yourself, you can significantly improve the condition of your child. We all know how ADHD works. It prevents a child from interacting properly with other people and prevents him from getting through life. This study shows that you can ease the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder especially if you notice signs of ADHD at an early age.

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