Warning on ADHD Medicine Atomoxetine

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There has been some news floating around that ADHD medications can cause some heart problems. This ADHD medication is called Atomoxetine. It is a medicine sold by the brand Strattera. Upon the study of Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, the medicine can cause a significant increase in the pumping of the heart which will significantly affect heart rate and blood pressure.

This is the reason why caution is encouraged for doctors who prescribe this medicine. The medical history of the patient must be taken into consideration because Atomoxetine is a medicine that can worsen heart problems. If the patient has heart-related problems like hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, tachycardia and other diseases, then they should not take this medicine. In the same way, caution must be done for administering this medicine to children for it can have negative effects on their health in the future.

Because of this, a proper screening process is imperative before the patient can take Atomoxetine. They should be properly tested for cardiovascular diseases before even attempting to take this product. And even if the patient did not show signs of cardiovascular disease, they must still be monitored through the whole process. A doctor must still test them if their heart rate and blood pressure have risen in an abnormal rate.

Also, patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder take various doses of this medicine depending on their case. With this, the changes in heart rate and blood pressure must be monitored across the different doses. The changes must be monitored especially in the first few months because this will dictate if the patient needs to shift medication because this particular drug can worsen their condition.

It is great to hear that the companies behind the medicine are responsible in testing their products with the safety of buyers in mind. In fact, the test done by the TGA is sponsored by the company that manufactures Atomoxetine, Eli Lilly. With this, users can be relieved that they are using a drug from a company that cares about them. However, caution must still be exercised. It is very important not to self medicate and always consult the doctor for advice.

It could not be stressed enough that the guidance of a doctor must be sought when taking Atomoxetine. You should never take it on your own or administer it to someone else. The dose that you should take should be consulted with a doctor and you should ask to be monitored at all times. While ADHD is a condition that must be treated, curing it is not a good tradeoff for cardiovascular diseases. After all, we are talking about illnesses that can cost you your life. In the same way, extra care must be taken when administering this medicine to a child who is under 6 years of age.

So if you currently have some problems that concern your heart such as high blood pressure or you have undergone a stroke in the past, then you should ask your doctor about taking Atomoxetine especially if they have prescribed it. It is an issue that should be discussed especially if you have a genetic history of heart problems. This also applies to your child. If your child has ADHD, you should ask your doctor about taking Atomoxetine if your family has a history of heart diseases. Try to show them this article so that you can be monitored as you take the medicine.

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