How much formula does my baby need

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Bottle weaningHow much formula milk your little one needs on a daily basis depends not only on his weight, but also his age. I have put together this rough guide for new mums that do not know where to start. You should remember that every baby is different and just because your first child had x amount when he was 3 months old does not mean your second child will be drinking the same amount.

As always, if you are unsure of anything or need more specific help with your little one you should consult with your GP or midwife as they will be able to give much more focused information to you.

In the first weeks you should start out by giving your little one between 30ml (1oz) and 60ml (2oz) at each feed. He will not be able to manage much more than this in one go.

By the time he is one month old his appetite would have grown and would now require between 90ml (3oz) and 120ml (4oz) at each feed. At this stage he will be consuming between 400ml (14oz) and 800ml (28oz) on any one day. You will soon have a very good idea if your little one requires more milk as he will be finished quickly and looking around for a second helping.

When little one is between two and six months he will be consuming between 120ml (4oz) and 180ml (6oz) per feed. He will be drinking anything up to 700ml (24oz) or a litre (35oz) per day. You may be feeling like all you are doing is mixing formula at this stage, but soon you will be introducing solids and on the way to eating normal food.

Once you have passed the six month mark with baby he will be drinking between 180ml (6oz) and 220ml (8oz) at feeding time. His total intake around this age is about 900ml (32oz) per day. With the introduction of solids to his diet milk intake will start to decrease from now on.

Even when your little one has been fully established on solids he will still be drinking about 500ml to 600ml of formula each day along side the varied diet of solids he will be eating. If he is not so keen of drinking milk at this stage you may substitute it with milky foods such as rice pudding, yoghurt or custard.

Formula feeding guidlines
Per feed (ml) Feeds per day Total per day (ml)
First weeks 30 – 60 5 – 6 300 – 500
One month 90 – 120 4 – 5 400 – 800
Two – six months 120 – 180 4 – 5 700 – 1000
Six months+ 180 – 220 2 – 3 500 – 700

After your baby has reached the one year milestone you can move from giving him formula​ to full fat cows milk. Although it is reasonably safe at this stage it might be wise to use anintermediate milk such as cow and gate or anything else your local baby store provides for the one to three year age.

Please remember that there are no hard and fast rules to how much a baby will consume at any age. There is a vast difference between each baby, and even the same baby will have differences from day to day just as adults appetites change daily. If you are concerned about anything please speak to your family GP or midwife.

The number of wet nappies your baby has per day is a good indication that they are getting enough liquids. Normally a young infant will have 8 – 10 wet nappies per day. If the number of wet nappies drops, speak to your doctor as it might be a sign of something amis.

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