AVOID Getting Stuck with a FLABBY Tummy Post-Pregnancy!

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Tummy-Tuck-Before-and-AftersLately I’ve been having a lot of concerned women email me about their “flabby tummy problems”.

They get their weight down, but STILL have a problem with their flabby tummies!!

Well, I know personally that it’s one thing to have someone comment on your cute round tummy when you’re pregnant. But it’s a completely different feeling when you still look pregnant after delivery and people KEEP COMMENTING!

The good news is, even though your stomach has been stretched to the max, you do NOT have to have a tummy problem for the rest of your life – no way.

The PROBLEM is most women do NOT know how to get their waistline back!

Whether they focus their energy on strict calorie cutting or doing TONS of cardio, they will NOT regain their trim waistline. Plus they’ll likely quit when they do not see the results they expect.

In fact, the majority of women who have this all-or-nothing mentality usually gain more weight as a result of “letting go” of their healthy behaviors. These are the women that always complain about their last 10 to 20 pounds.

Do not let this happen to you! You must learn the FORMULA to getting a flat tummy.

What is it?

You must do a COMBINATION of fat loss and muscle building to get a flat tummy and trim waistline.

Think of it this way, pregnancy stretched your body to its max – both skin and muscle – so afterwards you must reduce AND tone the area up again.

You need to do the following…flappy tummy

  1. Reduce your body fat through healthy eating and cardiovascular exercise,
  2. Strengthen and tone your muscles with specific and targeted weight bearing activity,
  3. Regain your posture by re-engaging your transverse abdominals (your “internal girdle” muscles) and the rest of your CORE. This will allow you to “pull in your belly” again. If you don’t learn to re-connect with these muscles, you’ll likely have a protruding belly for the remainder of your life.

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