Taramira Oil (Jamba Oil)

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taramira oilTara Mira oil(Jamba oil) is used to treat dandruff, head lice and prickly scalp conditions are treated by pumpkin seeds oil by giving a cooling effect on the scalp which relaxes the brain.It makes hairs thick within 3 to 4 times of use.

It really works.put it on at night before bed and wake up and shampoo it off.


Taramira Oil for Healthy Hair

Massaging Taramira oil few hours before taking a bath has wonderful effects on the hair. It makes your hair shinning look and retains their shine. It removes the double heads and makes the hair thicker and stronger. If you apply Taramira oil twice a week the effects will appear quickly and you will have healthier hair that you dreamt of.

Jamba Oil for Hair Growth

Jamba oil has an amazing effect on the hair growth. Massaging your hair with Jamba oil twice a week, 2-3 hours before taking a bath makes your hair grow at a faster rate. You will start noticing the beneficial effects of Taramira oil in a few weeks. You will notice that your hair is becoming healthy and growing to a new beautiful length. Thus, apply Jamba oil for the long hair you have always desired.

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