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brain_tumorYou should be aware that not all tumors necessarily mean cancer. Tumors can be benign but can also be cancerous and keeping yourself aware of tumor symptoms is a wise thing to do to. Also, the symptoms of tumor are many, just the presence of a lump in your body would also not necessarily mean that you have a tumor growth. To make sure that you are at the pink of health, especially if you are a tobacco smoker or are an individual who is overweight, you should be aware of the other symptoms as well.

Lumps of course are the most common tumor symptoms and you should be on the look out for them at all times. However, sometimes a lump is not easily visible or cannot even be felt. In any case a lump that cannot be explained by you or even a change in mole on your skin should be thoroughly examined by your doctor first.

Even a sudden loss of weight could be tumor symptoms as well and if you do experience this, you need to consult your doctor immediately. Other such indications could include frequent coughing. If you do cough very frequently and without any reason then this could be an easy indication that you might have a tumor in your lungs, this could even indicate lung cancer and thus should be checked out immediately.

Other such symptoms could include feeling a chill without any supporting reason for instance influenza. This could be an indication of a benign or even in some cases cancerous tumor symptoms in your body. Related such symptoms would include a sudden loss of appetite. Sweating a lot at night is something else that you should keep a watch on. In any of these cases, these symptoms also do not definitely indicate that you have a tumor growth in your body.

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