6 Tips To Prevent Breast Lumps

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lump-in-breast-cancerBreast lumps are a kind of common disease for women.Because of its superficial location, it may get early detection through self-examination before symptoms become clear.Few breast lumps may cause breast cancer, so it is very important to prevent in life.

There are 6 tips help to prevent breast lumps.

1, Keep happy: a good mood will make the ovary work well, and so progesterone secretion is normal, breast will not get overstimulated with normal estrogen.

2, Harmonious sexual life: a harmonious sexual life is able to regulate the endocrine, stimulate the secretion of progesterone, and protect strongly breast.

3, Regular sleep time: sleep is not only beneficial for endocrine balance, but also to provide a good environment for balance of various hormones, balanced internal condition will reduce the probability of the occurrence of breast diseases.

4, Adjust menstrual cycle: menstrual cycle disorders are prone to cause breast diseases such as breast lumps than others.

5, Intake vitamins and minerals: If without enough B vitamins, vitamin C or calcium, magnesium and other minerals, E prostaglandin synthesis will be affected, and breast lesions may occur in the over-stimulation of other hormones, so it is necessary to replenish the vitamins and minerals to prevent breast lumps

6, Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Pregnancy and breast-feeding is the best way to prevent a variety of breast disease, adequate progesterone may protect effectively breast, while breast feeding can make breast fully development and well degradation after weaning, so as to make breast less prone to diseases.

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