6 tips to treat breast lumps naturally

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lump-in-breast-cancerAccording to researches and surveys, 90 percent of breast lumps are benign, but it causes a lot of inconvenience for lives of women, it is necessary to get treatment in time. It is well known these tips have great effects for breast lumps treatment.

1, change diet habits

Take in low-fat high-fiber foods, such as grains, vegetables and beans.

2, avoid high salt foods

High salt foods are easy to make breasts swelling; you should avoid such foods from 7th to 10th day before menstruation.

3, try hot compress

Hot compress is a kind of therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, it may help relieve breast pain, just take hot clothes to compress the breast. If the cold and heat compress alternated, the effect would be better.

4, hot compress with castor oil

Hot compress with clothes stained castor oil for an hour every time.

5, gently massage

Massage makes excess fluid return to the lymphatic system; it has a great performance on getting rid of swelling.

Massage with a heated wood comb is a common breast lumps treatment. Just heat the wood comb near fire, and apply to breast with pressure, once the comb cooled down, heat again, and apply to breast and comb from breast to nipple with gently pressure.

6, wear a solid bra

In addition to preventing breast sagging, bra is more important to prevent breast nerves getting further oppression, which helps to eliminate discomfort in breast.

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