Breast Cancer

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InflammatoryCarcinomaBreast cancer is abnormal and disordered growth of cells in this tissue. The breast is made ​​up of a series of mammary glands, which produce milk after childbirth, and which are called lobes and lobules. The lobes are connected by pipes, ducts, which are those that carry milk to the nipple during lactation, to feed the baby.

Glands (or lobes) and mammary ducts are immersed in the fat tissue and connective tissue, which, together with lymphatic tissue, the breast form.

A retaining wall mode acts pectoral muscle that lies between the ribs and the breast.

The skin covers and protects entire breast structure.

The lymphatic system is made up of containers and vessels or conduits containing lead and lymph, which is a colorless liquid consisting of white blood cells, mainly lymphocytes. These cells recognize foreign substances to the body and release substances that destroy the offending agent.

The majority of tumors that occur in the breast are benign, non-cancerous, and are due to fibrocystic formations.

The cyst is a fluid-filled sac and fibrosis is an abnormal development of tissue. Fibrosis does not increase the risk of developing a tumor and does not require special treatment. Cysts, if large, can be painful. Removing the fluid with a needle usually take away the pain. The presence of one or more cysts does not favor the development of malignant tumors.

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