Causes of mammary gland hyperplasia

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mammary glandsMammary gland hyperplasia is the most common breast disease for women. In recent years, the incidence of the disease showed an increasing trend, and patients are increasingly younger. Many young women have premenstrual breast swelling and pain, sometimes the pain will spread to shoulder and back, after menstrual period, breast pain gradually relieve by itself, only some thickening of the breast, no nodules found. These are physiological changes, not disease.  There is no treatment required; it is just a physiological proliferation. Mammary gland hyperplasia is a normal physiological hyperplasia without perfect relief, and mammary gland structure appears disorders. It is pathological hyperplasia, but neither inflammation nor neoplastic disease. It appears mainly on women aged 30 – 50 years old, the peak of incidence is 35 – 40 years old.

Detailed causes of mammary gland hyperplasia

The real cause is not clear. At present, it is well known that it is connected with endocrine disorders and mental, environmental and other relevant factors.

1, endocrine disorders: reduction of progesterone and increase of estrogen are an important reason. Other diseases will also cause endocrine disorders, for example, imperfect ovarian development, irregular menstruation, thyroid disease and liver dysfunction.

2 emotions and other psychological factors: nervousness, agitation and other adverse psychological factors likely lead to form the mammary gland hyperplasia, frequent stays up and lack of sleep can also cause breast hyperplasia, and these adverse factors also aggravate existing symptoms of breast hyperplasia.

3, human factors or bad habits: infertility, sexual disorders, abortion, marital discord, not breast-feeding and other reasons will cause the breast not to have normal cyclical physiological activity. Wearing tight underwear or bra also is bad for breast.

4, irrational diet: high-fat, high-energy diet, drinking and smoking and other bad habits can induce breast disease. In addition, high blood pressure and high blood sugar disease make women endocrine disorders and hyperplasia.

5, long-term use of estrogen-containing health products and contraceptives: long-term excessive intake of estrogen will cause endocrine imbalance and cause breast disease.

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