Common examination methods for breast disease

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Examination of breast is the first step to prevent breast disease; it should be done for every woman over 20 years old.

1, Self-examination

self_exam_diagram-breast cancerSelf-examination should be taken once a month, the most appropriate time is one week after menstruation. During menstruation, breast tissue congestion makes the whole breast swelling; consequently, it is easy to make wrong judgment. Women should take breast examination by themselves from 20 years old.

The first purpose of breast self-examination is to be familiar with the normal uplift, lumps and bumps, when lesions appear, you can detect as early as possible. In the process of examination, you need to pay particular attention to the lump that appeared and developed for some time in the same location. But do not worry too much; about 90% of breast lumps are benign. The difference between benign lumps and malignant tumors is that benign lumps can occur at any time as the act of hormones, especially before and after menstruation.

2, Doctor’s palpation

Women over 30 years old should do breast examination once a year, this is the first step of comprehensive examination. The contents of examinations generally are: retracted, elevated, discharged nipples; breasts positions, skin and nipple color of breast;breast lumps and dimples disease.

If you find lumps in the breast-feeding period, go to hospital for professional treatment.

3, Infrared scanning

Infrared scanning is especially suitable for the young women whose breast glands are less.

This examination is the use of different infrared absorption between normal tissue and diseased tissue, so different grayscale images displayed to diagnose breast disease. Because this examination is fast, non-radioactive, etc., it is commonly used as a preliminary examination for breast disease.

4, B mode ultrasound

When women developed lumps inside breast, B mode ultrasound examination is a must to be done.

B mode ultrasound is a preliminary examination of the breast lumps, this examination can be used to determine the type and location of the lump. However, the identification of lumps less than 0.5 centimeters in diameter is too bad, it may miss some small lumps if only with this kind of examination.

5, Mammography

This examination can detect small lumps that can not get touched by hands and detected with B mode ultrasound, if you make regular examination, which will help to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Anyway, there may be little pain during examination, due to compression caused by breast splint, which can be alleviated by adjusting the position.

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