How to distinguish benign and malignant breast lumps

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lump-in-breast-cancerBreast lumps are a kind of disease that lumps developed inside the breast. According to the severity of symptoms, they are divided into malignant cancerous lumps and benign lumps.

Benign lumps will cause pain, and will have impacts to life of patients if without treatment. Malignant lumps are actually breast cancer; it can be treated only with surgical resection. Because the proliferation of cancer will continue, so before surgery, be sure to make careful examination for affected parts.

Malignant breast lumps have following symptoms:

Irregular shape

Blurred boundaries

Uneven surface

Hard as stone

Rapid growth

If you do not have the symptoms above, it will be benign lumps.


Women aged 16 to 50 years old should conduct regular breast examination, from 3rd to 7th days after menstrual are the best time to exam. Generally speaking, all the following 3 detection methods are practicable: self-examination, palpation, X-ray photography, etc.

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