Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma Diet is a diet plan that is based off of the cuisine and lifestyle of the Sonoma Valley in Southern California. The diet plan is based off of truly enjoying and appreciating food and health, without sacrificing one for the other. The Sonoma diet was created by Dr. …

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Vitalicious Satisfies

The Vitalicious diet is all about changing out snacks for low calorie, low fat solutions that taste just as good. The Vitalicious diet believes that you should still be able to snack happy while being able to snack healthy and responsibly. Founded in 1999, the company has passion and focus …

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The Healthiest Dairy

Dairy products are an important part of any diet. But this doesn’t mean that all dairy products are created alike. While it is very important for the sake of bone health to have dairy in your diet, there are shortcuts you can take to make sure you get the most …

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Eggs Really Are Incredible!

The benefits of eating eggs in the morning are numerous.  However, many people avoid eggs because they are afraid of the fat content in egg yolks.  Studies have shown that these egg yolks can actually have health benefits.  Whether you are attempting to lose weight or simply want to live …

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Go Nuts!

When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, snacking right is important.  We have all had those days. Either you are stuck in traffic or running late.  Maybe you skipped breakfast.  No matter what the reason, you find yourself with an empty stomach and a need to snack.  Now this …

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Plan Your Plate Strategy

Planning your plate strategy for each meal is an effective way to lose weight and stay healthy.  The most effective way to diet is to form eating habits that you can stick with and consistently practice.  Using your plate as a guide for food selection and portion sizes can help …

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How to reward yourself while dieting

The most common desire among people who are dieting would be to occasionally reward themselves with foods that they have been craving; foods like burgers, fries, sausages, sugary treats and what not! However, binging on junk food will not do much good as it will just spoil your diet plans …

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Healthy Hydration

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One of the most overlooked aspects of weight loss plans is the necessity to stay well hydrated.  We drink water every day, but usually not in sufficient quantities or at the proper time.  Healthy hydration has a boat load of benefits when you’re trying to lose weight. Water naturally suppresses …

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Buddy Up for Your Health

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Losing weight is a difficult process, but quite often, the only thing you need to help get started and achieve your goals is encouragement.  A weight loss partner is someone who loses weight with you and understands what you are going through.  Having a weight loss partner or someone to …

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After 8 is Too Late!

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Studies have shown that late night eaters have a tendency to gain more weight than those who abstain from snacking after 8 p.m.  Late night snacking has a number of negative side effects.  Aside from the obvious potential to consume more calories, there are other downfalls to watch out for. …

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