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Tattoo RemovalRisk of blood disease

Re-used or unsterilized  needles can spread blood born disease including AIDS, Hepititis B and C. Some viruses and bacteria enter the body and cause harm such as staphylococci and herpes through the needles.



Permanent discolouration and various allegies such as granulomas (red bumps caused by inflammation) and keloid scars are the major allergies.Keloid is a scar with is grown outside the boundaries.Most people report this problem the day they get it.

Scans Issues

MRI scan on the tattoos hurts and feels like a burning sensation.

Cant donate blood

Blood donations cannot be made for a year after getting a tattoo, body piercing, or permanent makeup.Amateur and prison tattoos are dangerous.Major risk is from these places.

Tattoo ink


Tattoo ink is what cause infections .Colour used in the tattoos ink are hazardous.The inks mainly cause swelling, cracking, peeling, blistering, and scarring, as well as granulomas near the eyes and lips.



remorse is at a very high rate with tattoos.Soem tattoos can be removed by using visible light lasers.Black ttatoos are eay to reove as comapred to green.The Q-switched lasers remove the tattoos form the body but leaves its own wound which can be infected.Tattoo removal is very expensive. A tattoo that costs $50 to apply may cost over $1000 and more to remove

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