Diabetes Diets

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Diabetes DietsIn the world there are 350 million people with diabetes. You can live without complications if you exercise, and appropriate recommendations are followed a diet for people with diabetes. Although diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease that has no definitive cure, if the patient compromte to follow all “medical puege on with life as normal. Therefore, it is necessary to accept the disease and its consequences, usually diagnosed patients being faced emotional pictures appear one after another as denial, fear, anger, guilt, depression to gain acceptance.

It’s not easy to admit responsibility without having requested, and requires daily attention dlabetes to live successfully, first thing you have to deal with diabetes at diagnosis is learning to accept to live with it. tarnenteblemente, there are people who are exhausted with new exigellcias and decide to ignore it. Then, assist the doctor when it is too late.

Specialists tell us that after diagnosis of diabetes is very important information on the optimal control of the disease. “You need to identify the type of diabetes that the patient has, know what the glucose level should be maintained during the day, understanding how drugs work and what are the consequences of making inappropriate treatments.”
To delay and, as far as possible, avoid the complications of the disease, the treatment should be done in a comprehensive and sustained over time. This includes major changes in lifestyle, such as eating plan adequate, permanent physical activity measurement and report daily glucose levels.

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