What Are The Side Effects Of Diabetes On Kidney?

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diabetes kidneyKidney failure by diabetes leads to death eventually.Diabetes slow and steadily affects the performance of kidney by attacking the veins and arteries which lead in or out  to or from the kidney.The very first symtpom is the sign of protein in the urine.And soon it takes the run into blood and by this way the kidney gets damaged more and more .Once this stage is achieved,the tretament and test becomes more expensive.Thats why early test of urine and kidney must be be carried out such as urine proteins test,urea etc..

Initially the diabetic is treated with insulin as to control the diabetes.High blood pressurepatients must get their treatment done as soon as possible.Controlling the amount of protein in diet is the best cure.Decrease the amount of red meat,fish ,beef and chicken etcc in your diet.If both the kidney gets failed,dialysis is carried out for cleaning the blood and in some cases transplant is the other option.

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