Heart Health Meal Ideas

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Breakfast  – Dinners

  • Slow cooked oats with blueberries, freshly ground linseeds and almond/rice milk PLUS one glass pomegranate juice. Therapeutic effect: antioxidant.
  • Hypocholesterolaemic, slow release carbohydrate therefore minimises insulin response and potential growth factor stimulation in vascular system.
  • Blueberry and raspberry smoothie with fresh ground linseeds and sesame seeds, wheatgerm and soy milkTherapeutic effect: anti- inflammatory, antioxidant, hypocholesterolaemic.
  • Egg white omelette with tomato, onion, garlic, paprika, parsley on rice toast with avocado/tahini PLUS glass pomegranate juice . Therapeutic effect: anti-inflammatory, prevents hyperglycaemia thus reduces risk of LDL oxidation.
  • Fruit salad: include red papaya, blueberries, raspberries, pear, apple and serve with natural yoghurt, fresh ground linseeds and sesame seeds (Therapeutic effect antioxidant, anti-inflammatory).


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Indian Dahl using red lentils, tumeric, cumin, garlic, ginger, tomatoes; served with brown rice and natural yoghurt. Therapeutic effect: antioxidant, blood pressure lowering, hypocholesterolaemic.

Salad including grated carrot, beetroot, tomato, red onion, rocket, red pepper, sunflower seeds tossed with lemon juice and olive oil; serve with sardines on toasted essene bread. Therapeutic effect: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Spicy vegetable, chicken and buckwheat casserole: place root vegetables – fennel, red onion, sweet potato, carrot, leeks, red peppers, parsley, buckwheat and organic chicken breast into crock-pot and slowly cook for 5 hours. Therapeutic effect: venous toning, nourishing, calming digestive system, hypo-cholesterolaemic.

Deep sea fish steamed with grated ginger and sliced lemon; served with steamed or lightly water stir-fried broccoli, pumpkin, Asian greens. Sesame or olive (virgin cold pressed) oil added after cooking to vegetables. Therapeutic effect: anti-thrombotic, lowers platelet aggregation, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant.


  • Tomato salsa served with spelt bread and olive oil – Therapeutic effect: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.
  • Hummus dip with celery, carrot and broccoli sticks – Therapeutic effect: antioxidant-due to sesame oil in hummus and betacarotene in carrot.
  • Avocado on wholegrain spelt toast with lettuce and capsicum – Therapeutic effect: protective to blood vessels and lowers homocysteine levels due to B vitamins in whole grain spelt toast.
  • Berry smoothie with linseeds, soy milk, cinnamon and honey – Therapeutic effect: antioxidant.
  • Tinned red salmon, rocket, tomato on rice crackers – Therapeutic effect: anti-thrombotic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant.

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