The Causes of Infertility in Males You Need to Know

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Causes-of-Infertility-in-Males  It is known that more than 90 percent of infertility cases in men are mostly caused by the low sperm production, poor quality sperm, or both of those causes. The rest of the cases are usually about anatomical problem, genetic defects, or hormonal imbalances.

The abnormalities of sperms can be caused by disease, congenital birth defects, lifestyle habits, and also chemical exposure. There are also many cases that cannot be identified the causes of infertility in males.

There are categorizes of sperm abnormalities. It is important to know the categorizes because you will be able to identify the sperm abnormalities right away if you encounter this problem.

There are categorizes of sperm abnormalities because we need to know the affect of the abnormalities. The abnormalities may affect sperm shape, sperm count, and sperm movement.

The Categories of Sperm Abnormalities in the Causes of Infertility in Males

There are categorizes of sperm abnormalities that causes infertility in males. The first category is the Oligospermia or low sperm count. If the sperm per ml is less than 20 million, it means that it is considered as low sperm production. As for Azoospermia, this case refers to the condition of complete absence of sperm when a man is in ejaculation. This case is responsible for 10 to 15 percent cause of infertility in men.

Causes-of-Infertility-in-Males2There are also Asthenospermia or poor sperm motility. Motility is the ability to move. If the sperm cannot move straight or too slow, the sperm will not be able to penetrate the outer shell of the egg. The next category is the Teratospermia or abnormal morphology of the sperm.

The morphology here refers to the structure and shape of the sperm. You also need to know the fertility history that can cause fertility problem in men. You can go to urologist in order to know the causes of infertility in men.

Fertility History as the Causes of Infertility in Males

Fertility specialist such as urologist will do physical examination of the testes which is important for every man to work up. This is the useful method to detect cysts, undescended tester, large varicoceles, vas deferens absence, or any other physical abnormalities. There are sexual factors that can affect fertility of men.

Causes-of-Infertility-in-Males3Factors such as childhood illnesses or any other problem during development, the timing and frequency of sexual intercourse, duration of current and previous fertility events, serious illnesses such as respiratory infection, cancer, surgeries, diabetes, exposure to chemicals, sexual history diseases, family history about reproductive issue, allergies, and others.

The specialist will also check the size of your testicles. Usually, small and soft testicles with low sperm indication are associated with issue in the formulation of sperm. As for normal testicles, the problem of low sperm is usually caused by obstruction.

Your doctor will likely do scrotal thermography to know the temperature of scrotum. Those must be done in order to know the causes of infertility in males. By doing that, the doctor will be able to know what is wrong with your body and how to treat causes of infertility in malesso you can increase fertility level.

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