Ways to Pinpoint Your Most Fertile Days

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fertility vitaminsTip 1: Basal Body Temperature (BBT) – The Basal body temperature is way to calculate the time of ovulation. It’s measured by taking the lowest possible body temperature, which is usually while you are sleeping, or just after you wake up.

Even when a woman’s menstrual cycles are irregular, her ovulation can remain normal. BBT can be a reliable way of determining when a woman is ovulating. However, there are certain factors that can also change a woman’s body temperature, such as a fever. This needs to be taken into consideration when using this method.

Tip 2: Calendar Charting – In this method, a woman implements previous menstrual cycles as a guide. She figures out the approximate amount of days in her cycle. Then, she estimates the amount of fertile days. Through this method, it is possible for her to guess which days she will be most fertile.

Tip 3: Cervical Mucus Monitoring – This involves a woman observing her cervical secretions every day. After five days of menstruation, there are about three to four dry days. After that, wet days come. On these wet days, a woman is fertile.

Tip 4: Cervical Observation – Cervical observation is over 98% accurate in determining when a woman is fertile. The cervix is open and at its highest point during ovulation, and its lowest during menstruation. When a woman is fertile, it will also feel soft and wet, and will have a cloudy color.

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