Alternative Ways to Cold Turkey Methods of Quitting Smoking

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quitting smoking, quitting smoking timeline, quitting smoking side effects, quitting smoking cold turkey, quitting smoking benefits by day, quitting smoking benefits, quitting smoking side effects timeline, quitting smoking while pregnant, quitting smoking symptoms, quitting smoking tips, quitting smoking with electronic cigarettes, quitting smoking withdrawal symptoms, quitting smoking and depression, quitting smoking cold turkey timeline,Everybody is aware of the dangers that come with the smoking. The nicotin in the cigarette is the substance that make people addicted to it. It’s make the smoker feel good like the other drugs using. Many people are the regular smoker. There are reasons that why people start smoking, some are blaming the pressure, society, or the family member. When they started to smoke, some of them are not know about the bad things of smoking that they may come across, especially on their health.

Regarding to the statistic show that there are 9 out of 10 smoker start their smoke before they turn 18. those hwo start their smoke never though that they will become addicted to the cigarettes. For the matter of fact, nobody know that they will become the addictor. Normally, their life style is slowly changes once they start to smoke.

Quitting and stop SmokingPeople who start smoking cigarettes or other forms of tobacco does not really think about its effects. They light up a cigarette soon after their wake up just to have the nicotine. With the nicotin intake will help them from the drowsiness, however this may be only the excuse for those people. They might even light up their cigarette soon after the meal in order to prevent the craving or hungry pang. The smoke will prevent them from feeling hungry and make them feel full. Some start smoking once they feel bored, or while they are waiting for someone or something or even during the break at work just for killing time. Eventually, the smoke is changing the people lifestyle in the worse way.

For the family that the member are smoker, it’s might be a good choice for the other members to provide the needs of support to quit smoking. Definately, it’s not an easy task for quit smoking. Since the nicotin is additive, those who are smoke are really need it even though they know the bad effect of taking the nicotin into their body. Most of smokers are not able to quit smoking because od the withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, irritability, uneasiness and aggressiveness which often come once they dont have cigarettes. These symptoms is known as “cold turkey”. Those people who are quitting smoke quickly will always behave differently from when they were smoking.

Stop SmokingIn order to help the loved one from quitting smoking, talking about the dangers and the consequences of the smoking is thing that you could do. It’s true that the loved once should be supportive and want another to stop smoking. Buying the self-help books that provides you the quitting techniques will also come with the “how to” how to quit smoking. The books also provides the ways and the methods and guideline of how to avoid smoking. For example, eating carrots when they feel they need to smoke. Smoking free rules in the house also help the smoker to realized that smoking is the waste of time. There are things they can do besides the smoke. Attending the therapy could also help in quiting smoking. However, the only one who can decide not to continue smoking is the smoker himself.

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