Anorexia A Sickness Induced By the Society

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Nervous loss of appetite is direct translated from anorexia nervosa. It’s the eatinganorexia disorder habit where it has been affecting both male and female. Especially, the women for this century no matter what culture or ethnical group of people. This phenomenon caught many attention to the medical scientist all around the world since the past few decades. The earliest data regarding to an Anorexia nervosa was found in teh manuscripts that has been written centuries ago. Even though not all of them are accurate, the first study had been conducted was back in the end of the 17 century. The early study had been describe the Anarexia Nervosa as a 100% physiological disease, which leads to the physical dysfunctions. However, there are more studies had been conducts since then and by the end of 19th century the neutopsychological nature of the disease hs been fully explain for the first time.

The word Anorexia Nervosa has been setted since the beginning of the 20th century. Besides its namem Anorexia Nervosa have nothing to do with lossing the appetite at all. The misunderstanding of this diesease in the past is due to the inapproproate definition of it. The person who encounter with the Anorexia Nervosa not only faced with the loss of appetite but also suffer from the eating properly, they will feel afraid of gaining weight and being fat. Therefore, they are struggle with preventing it to happen. They are begin to obsessed with the food they eat and engage in unusual behaviors for loosing weight. They spend most of the time thinking about the foods and lossing weight. People who suffered from this diseases will soon will seeing themself as fat no matter now skinny they are. Besides dramatically weight lost, they also keep complain about their physical appearance and nevr satisfied with all of their achievements.

At the moment, an anorexia is become very common among the young population. Mostly it’s effect the young girls and women. Even though the disease is also effect men but in a very few compare with the number of women who diagnose with anorexia. In the past, it’s quite rare to find the people diagnose with it but now seeing anorexia people is as easy as you see McDonald. There are the genetic and acquired physiological factors that involved in the development of the anorexia. Now the disease seems to be triggered by hte neuropsychologucal and environmental factors.

In modern form of society, the high rate of anorexia among the young population is interrelated with the increasing in the influence of the medias. The ideal of beauty encounter by the societies that we live in has the greatest influence in children and young women.

anorexia nervosaThe ideal of beauty that being promoted by the modern society and the media is having a slim and skinny body. Plus due to a pronounced pressure exercised by the modern culture and media, there are many young people that stick in the consumption in teh unhealthy food behaviors in order to get an image that close to the ideal of today beauty. Today, anorexia is increased in the modern society and it becomes an obvious phenomenon. In the matter of fact, the acceptance of hte modern society for average looking prople is the main stimulus of anoraxia. Because of hte exaggerated ideals of beauty that promote these days, the increasing in the pressure exercised by the culture that effect in young and there is a chance that it will become more serious and can not prevent in the nearly future.

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