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Bartholinitis or B-cysts are an inflammation of one or both of the ducts that lead from the introitus (vaginal opening) to Bartholin glands.

Usual causes are micro-organisms that infect the lower female tract, streptococci and other STD pathogens.

Acute Bartholinitis is usually preceded by infections such as cervicitis, vaginitis and urethritis.

Infection or trauma causes inflammatory changes, that narrow the distal portion of the duct, this leads to obstruction and stasis of the glandular secretions.

The cyst can vary from 1-8 cm in diameter and is located at the posterolateral portion of the vulva. The cyst is usually quite red and painful; pus may be visible at the opening of the duct.

Mostly commonly asymptomatic

  • Acute phase shows infection, and therefore enlargement
  • Most affected are the young and the elderly females
  • NO DISCHARGE- If there is a discharge more likely to be PID

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