Liver Function Tests

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LiverLFTs , or liver function tests, are a group of blood tests that can reveal how well a person’s liver is working. The liver is one of the body’s most complex organs, serving many vital functions and is necessary for processing and excreting toxins from the body.

The liver is involved in the digestion of food and the production of bile together with the detoxification and elimination of all chemicals, hormones, poisons, drugs and fats. In other words, a very important organ.

When there is sub-optimal liver function symptoms may include:

  • muscle weakness
  • infections
  • headache or migraines
  • chronic fatigue
  • digestive disturbances including nausea, bloating pain, loss of appetite
  • intolerance of fatty foods
  • chemical sensitivity
  • hormone imbalances

A Functional liver detoxification profile include the following measurements:

  • albumin
  • various liver enzymes (ALT, AST, GGT and ALP),
  • bilirubin
  • prothrombin time
  • cholesterol
  • total protein

All of these tests can be performed at the same time and from the same blood test.

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