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vitamin-b3-niacin-benefitsNiacin deficiency (Pellagra) is a type of vitamin B deficiency. one characteristics is peculiar skin eruption.The eruption looks much like a bad case of sunburn ,with considerable cracking,crusting and scaling.It is usually appears in exposed areas of the skin such as back of hands,wrists ,the face ,the neck ,less frequently on legs and ankles.


1-People with pellagra usually have capricious appetites and frequently digestive disturbances.

2-Diarhea is common.

3-A victim’s tongue usually looks abnormally smooth and deep red.

4-Patients are often addicted to alcohol .

5-Many are troubled with symptoms as weakness , dizziness ,insomnia & disturbances of the sense of touch.


A correct diet will cure most cases of pellagra,but a pellagrin who continues to drink alcohol liquor will be hard to cure.The cure is usually complete,except in those cases that have resulted in insanity and even in them the mental condition is often much improved.

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