Normal testosterone levels

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testosterone-levelsTestosterone is the male hormone made by the body to help in maintaining the reproductive tissues, maintaining the strength of the bone, stimulating the production of sperms, stimulating and maintaining the sexual function, and increasing muscle mass and strength. Most of the testosterone in the body of a man is normally produced in the testes. Just like your blood pressure or cholesterol, there is numerical range of testosterone levels which are also known as T levels that are actually considered normal. The testicles and the brain work together to ensure testosterone are within the range. The moment testosterone levels drop below normal, the brain will signal the testicles to produce more. And when testosterone levels reach the normal level, then the brain will signal the testicles to produce less. Men with low testosterone level experience the following:

Low interest in sex
Muscle weakness
Soft or small testicles
Reduced bone density
Erectile dysfunction
Weight gain, mostly around the waist
Reduced energy level
Sleep problems
Increased tenderness and breast size
Emotional instability
Decrease in the amount of the hair in the body

Questions relating to testosterone levels normally come about when the person experiences some symptoms which are considered abnormal. As most people think of testosterone as relevant only to the health of men, but women may also experience some situations where testosterone level is outside the normal range. Interesting news is that determining your current testosterone levels is a simple procedure that can yield your results in as little as some days.

The only thing required to evaluate your current level of testosterone is conducting a simple blood test. A well experienced and qualified health professional such as the doctor will draw blood from a vein that is found in one of your arms. The doctor will accomplish this by wrapping an elastic band around your upper portion of the arm, making the veins in the lower arm to be more prominent. After the selection of the vein, the doctor will swab the skin with alcohol and insert the needle directly into the vein to collect the blood.

The collected blood will then be forwarded into the lab where tests are run to find out the current level of testosterone that is found in the samples. The process does not take more than two days. Conducting these tests can determine if the person is suffering from testosterone deficiency. Checking for low or high testosterone levels takes place when an individual experiences symptoms that indicate that the level of the male hormone is not within the normal range. For males, the test can be run if the individual has difficulty in achieving an erection, or if the sperm levels are too low not to allow the male to father the child.

For female, they will also begin to exhibit certain characteristics that relates to men such as developing excess hair on their body and face, or unusual deepening of their voice. The low level of testosterone in female may also be determined if the female finds that she has no or little desire to engage in sexual activity. Nurses and doctors may run some checks on testosterone levels when inquiring incidences where the woman is experiencing circumstances that are unusual with her menstrual periods.

Testosterone levels by age

Testosterone is a prototypical male hormone. This is what puts the hair on your chest and muscles on the frame during puberty. As the men become old, their testosterone levels decreases. Free testosterone levels decrease more rapidly than the total testosterone. Onset hypogonadism is the official term for the decrease in testosterone levels. It is commonly referred as the low T or low testosterone. The low testosterone levels are correlated with the increase in abdominal fat and decline in muscle mass. They are also associated with the increased risk of metabolic problems like diabetes and the cardiovascular diseases. Low testosterone levels also causes depression, erectile dysfunction, and mood changes.

The good news is that testosterone replacement therapy for men who have low testosterone levels can improve some of the symptoms that are associated with the low testosterone including muscle mass and strength, sexual function, and bone density. They can also benefit some other critical functions such as cardiovascular, metabolic and cognitive function. Most men have a normal level of testosterone throughout their lives and they will not need treatment at any time. Among men above the age of 60 years, you can only find about one in five men with a total testosterone level that is below the normal range.

The normal level for testosterone lies between 350 ng/mL and 900 ng/mL. It means that a single man can contain nearly three times more total testosterone compared to another man. But all of them can still be normal. Low testosterone is actually defined as having a testosterone that is less than 350 ng/mL. It means that a lot of men fall within normal range but they still suffer from the signs and symptoms of a low testosterone.

Normal testosterone levels by gender

Being one of the most important hormones for male sex, testosterone in men is normally synthesized by the testes but in women, it is synthesized in the ovaries and by the adrenal cortex. It is then secreted into the circulation system. Beta-globulin called testosterone binding globulin transports testosterone in the plasma. Estimates show that 98 percent of circulating testosterone is actually bound. The remaining one is present as free testosterone and it is known to be the metabolicly active portion. The hormone is then transformed in the target organ by the 5-alpha-reductase to the physiologically effective androgen. In men, testosterone is used to indicate the function of the testes. Female or male patients with the androgen producing tumor (adrenal cortex, ovaries, testes) show an increased value. In women, measurement of testosterone can be used to determine hirsutism.

The determination of free testosterone may be helpful in the cases of hyperandrogenism or hyperprolactinemic women. It promotes burning of fat and building of lean muscle mass. Testosterone also fuels libido in both sexes. Like progesterone, testosterone upregulates the P-53 gene in turning off rampant cellular division. It is therefore anti-carcinogenic. The hormone also help to stimulate the production of oil in the skin. The healthy percentage for unbound testosterone in the body for both men and women is about 2.5 percent.

Ways to increase your testosterone level

Uncover your abs; as the waist size goes up, the level of testosterone goes down. Actually a 4-point increase in the body mass index which is about 30 extra pounds on the 5’10” guy will accelerate the age-related T decrease by ten years. For the diet that will help keep the gut in check, you can try to sculpt rock-solid abs for some days. This is one of the most effective program for muscle-up weight loss.

Build your biceps: research conducted by the Finnish researchers indicate that men who lift some weights on a regular basis experience a 49 percent increase in their level of free testosterone. The moment you strengthen the muscles, the amount of testosterone hormone that your body produces will actually increase.

Fill up on the fat: you can try and stay lean by trimming lard from the diet, but removing all the fat may cause the T levels to plummet. Study show that men who consume a lot of fat, have the highest T levels. It is therefore advisable to eat those foods that are high in monounsaturated fats in order to protect the heart and preserve the hormone. Foods such as nuts and fish can do best.

Avoid alcohol: alcohol can actually wreak havoc on the manly hormones. Recent research also show that men take moderate amounts of alcohol daily for a period of three weeks experience a seven percent decline in their testosterone levels. Ensure you limit your drinking to avoid any drop in your testosterone.

Stop stress: physical or mental stress can depress your testosterone levels. A lot of stress will actually cause the surge of cortisol, that suppresses the ability of the body to produce testosterone and utilize it within the tissues. Cardio may be great tension tamer. Fatigue and injuries are signs that the workout is more likely to decrease the testosterone level more than increasing it.

High-intensity exercise: exercises have shown to increase and boost your testosterone level. Warming up for three minutes, exercising fast and very hard for at least 30 seconds are some of the exercises you can do to boost your testosterone level. After exercising, try and recover at a slow to a moderate pace for 90 seconds. Make sure you repeat these high intensity exercises and recover seven more times.

Consume a lot of zinc: zinc is very important for the production of testosterone hormone . Supplementing it in your diet can show some improvement in testosterone levels. Zinc supplementation increases your level of testosterone while restricting dietary sources of zinc will lead into a significant drop in testosterone.

Strength training can also boost the levels of testosterone, provided you are actually doing it intensely enough. When you are doing strength training, you are aiming at increasing your weight and then lowering the number of reps to focus on those exercises that produce large number of muscles.

Optimize the levels of your vitamin D: steroid hormones is very essential for the healthy development of nucleus of sperm cell. It also helps in maintaining the quality of semen and sperm count. Vitamin D supplements increases the level of testosterone, that helps to boost libido.

Eliminate or limit sugar from your diet: the level of testosterone will decrease after after you take a lot of sugar. This is because the sugar leads into a high insulin level which is another factor that leads to a low testosterone.
Eat healthy fats and boost the intake of amino acids

Advantages and disadvantages of high testosterone


An individual with high level of testosterone is manlier because of mustache and beard. The hair growth in men are normally associated with the level of male hormones in the body. The hormones also make men stronger and improve their muscle mass. The hormone helps in regulating the metabolism and the level of glucose in the body. Testosterone strengthens the density of the bone.

Men with high level of testosterone are said to have a very active sexual desire. The erections of the penis are so spontaneous even when an individual is sleeping. Men also feel secure and confident with no any depression. Someone will never notice any mood swings because of high spirits they are in.

Men with high level of testosterone are more stimulated with improved cognitive ability. With this advantage, men with high level of testosterone are far from having Alzheimer’s disease.


A high level of testosterone, especially for those individual taking testosterone supplements may cause suffering from acne or pimples. This is because of the increase of male hormone helps in stimulating the production of oil in bodies that are secreted in the skin. High level of testosterone can also cause the increase in the size of your prostate gland which normally cause prostate cancer.

Unfortunately, the mentioned advantages may also end up being disadvantages. For example the advantage of being sexually active. Individuals with high levels of testosterone are prone to infidelity mostly if they are not satisfied sexually with their partners. Experiencing this, can ruin family relationship. High level of testosterone can hold back the caring feelings. It is hard for an individual to show the real feelings like care and love. It is also difficult to negotiate with individuals who have high level of testosterone because they have a tendency to dominate a talk instead of giving into the settlement. This may lead to fights and violence.

Facts about testosterone
Women have high testosterone level when they are in love during the first few months after the relationship than those women who are not in a relationship or in long-term relationships. For men it is a true opposite because those who are newly in love tend to have low level of testosterone compared to those men who are single or in a long-term relationship.

Men with the level of testosterone that is below the normal range, can lose their spare tire the moment they are treated with testosterone.

Young individuals, mostly men who are future entrepreneurs get the testosterone spine on the day they make a profit that is above average.

In both genders, the abuse of the steroid can cause aggression, mood swings, and other problems.

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