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vitamin-cScurvy is a dietary deficiency of vitamin C.A person with it tends to become weak andanemic ,to have strong gums and loosening teeth and to subject to hemorrhages,especially about the joints and beneath the skin.The joint hemorrhages causes severe pain and sometimes leads to arthritis or rheumatism.

The spongy gums may bleed ,become ulcerated.A baby developing it will be pale and stop gaining weight.The pain and swelling of the joints will likely cause the child to be irritable and to cry a big deal.

In this disease, either in babies or in older people ,correction of diet brings about almost miraculous improvement.A person who takes a properly balanced diet will never have this disease.



It is rarely found in adults but a huge amount of infants and elderly people are its victims.bottle milk for babies  doesnt has the adequate vitamin supplements.Mothers milk contains sufficient vitamin C .Malnutrition is also a major cause.



1-For the prevention of the disease in a young child,give 4 ounces of orange juice per day or 12 ounces of tomato juice.Green vegetable sand fruits should be added to the baby’s diet as soon as it can take it.

2-For an older child or an adult,be sure there are plenty of green vegetables and fruits in the diet.Some very good sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits,strawberries ,cantaloupes ,tomatoes ,lemon,oranges,green peppers and raw cabbage.

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