Symptoms of Adrenal fatigue

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adrenal fatigueOnce the 2 small glands that located on the top of the kidney as we known as the adrenal glands have been depleted and overworked. These adrenal glands are responsible for stress handling in the daily life, no matter it’s the emotional, physical or psychological stress.

Once the glands are overworked, everyday life activity of yours might not able to keep up with the stress. Then you will start to diagnose with the adrenal fatigue , and you will see the symptoms of it.

You may want to know some of the common causes of this gland failure, then you will able to identify the causes of it in that might happen in your dauly life. For full medical work up and the diagnose of this, you’d rather contact your doctor.

The symptoms of adrenal fatigue are;
You are tried of thing with no reason to explain
Person with adrenal fatigue will faced with the extreme physical exhaustion and there are no explanation for it.

You easily gain weight, especially the middle part of the body
You will easily gain weight, once you are diagnose with teh adrenal fatigue. It’s easy to gain and very hard to keep it out of your body.

You will find it’s hard to wake up and get out of bed in the morning

In the morning, the patients who diagnose with this will find themself hard to get up even though they have a full night for sleep. They still feel tried. The sugar and caffein are the thing that they need to keep them awake in the morning as well as through out the day.

You are easily to catch a cold and flue

You will feel that you are always catching a cold and flue, and it really hard for your body to recover from the illness. If you can notice that you really faced with this then you are diagnose with it.

It’s easy for you to feel down or overwhelmed more often

Those people who diagnose with this disease will have the feeling of running down and over happy on every task they have faced. This also might able to lead to the other symptom like depression and withdraw from the society. They may feel that they can not keep on doing it.

You might seek the sweets or salty snacks

Besides the sweet and salty snacks, the high protein snacks also included. Some adreal fatigue patiens may have an increasing in salt intake. They are seek for salt, and in some case you notice that you really hungry for those carb with sweets like chocolate, donut, pastries and ice cream.

Less stress environment make you feel better
Some people will has no symptoms at all once they are away from the environment with less stress, like go on vacation. However, the symptom will soon coming back once they come back to the normal life.

An fail to concentrate or troble with the brain fog is easily troble you
This might include the things like the unable to remember certain details, appointment or the feeling of difficulty and confusion n concentrating.

For women the PMS is increased

Women with the mood swing and food craving as well as the period disorder. It could be heavier or irregular.

The adrenal fatigue can be cured and you can feel better even you diagnose to it. What you have to do is listen to your body and reduce the stress or anything that may lead you uncomfortable as well treat yourself better.

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