Using acupuncture as the treatment for stress and disease

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Acupuncture-dietThe acupuncture is now become very popular in the western socities. It’s known as and alternative medical practice. It’s the drug free theraphy for the stress relief. Acupuncture has been the medical practiced in china for over two thousands years, it’s a therapeutic system that make the use od sterilized needles for the restoring body equilibrum. The needles are placed in the specific area and it’s will correspond to the internal organs. The needle that insert in the skin will act to free the flow of the “chi” the internal energy in human body. As mentioned in teh chinese medical theory, anything that block the chi to flow inside the body can leads to the imbalance of the body energy and resulted in the illness. The chi flow is the key to tell that that person has a good health. The acupunture is helping on restore the chi enery back to the body and it continues to balance the metaphysical concept of yin and yang.

Acupuncture is used for treating a wide range of the diseases, like nausea, migraine, headache, lower back pain, chronic pain and knee pain. The chinese claimed that the acupuncture also could be used as a treatment for minor mental and emotional problems. Due to this believe, there are some people even start to compare the traditional chinese medicine with the western medical threory. However, both medical treatment are good in healing the patients adn have a positive effect on the patients mental health.

auricular points chartThe real beneficial of the acupuncture is the efficiency as a non-invasive and drug free treatment. This also used in the conjunction withe the chinese herbal medicine that even more effective than those modern drugs and medication. Acupuncture is only related to the providing of cure to specific aliments. It’s also used as the determination of the causes of physical discomfort and the illness.The western doctors and those scientists still working on determining the effective of the acupuncture how it’s form the healing on those diseases and symptoms. Even though the acupuncture are alredy been accepted by many people, but still there are a lot of questions about the long term effects from the acupuncture.

The understanding of the internal energy flow and the pattern of the flow in the human body is the key to the acupuncture. The meridians in the body will correspond to the western lay out of hte nervous systems adn the circulatory systems in the human body.

While there is still no prove or any researches have a clear explanation about how the acupuncture can heal the symtoms. It’s intersting to know how is the chinese medicine and the herbal are work from inside the human body. How could it possible developed since thousands years before the western medicine? Somehow we all wish that one day, the scientist and the researchers will fond the answer about the different between the chinese medicine and the modern medical practice. Nevertheless, both the western and eastern chinese medicine all work in term of the theory and philosophy on the use of the needle as the tool of healing.

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