Heart Valve Leakage Symptoms

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heart-valve-leakage-symptomsHeart Valve Leakage Diseases have become one of the most common disorders, nowadays. If not properly diagnosed on time, it may lead to several critical health conditions. Thus, it is very much essential for everyone to know about the various Heart Valve Leakage symptoms, so that the person suffering from such disorders can seek immediate medical attention.

What actually a Heart Valve Leakage refers to?

Well, in order to understand this, you must first have a little idea about the blood flow mechanism inside your body. The heart consists of four different chambers and there exists four heart valves viz. Mitral, Tricuspid, Aortic and Pulmonary, at the exit of these four heart compartments. These valves are responsible for ensuring that the blood always flows in the forward direction. However, diseased heart valves may cause backward flow of blood into the heart. This causes the oxygenated blood to mix with the deoxygenated one, resulting into severe health complications. It is very necessary for everyone to identify these disorders and seek for appropriate medical procedures before the conditions get even worse.

How can I understand that I have any heart valve leakage disorder? (General Symptoms)

1. Heart Murmur is generally the first symptom of a heart valve leakage in most of the cases. It can be detected by listening to the sound of your heart through a stethoscope. The sound produces when blood flows into the heart in a turbulent manner.

2. Frequent exhaustion or fatigue can significantly indicate potential mitral regurgitation. You can understand that you are suffering from this particular heart valve leakage symptom, if you often experience unusual tiredness even after simple daily tasks.

3. Any sensation of a missed out heart beat can be serious indication of valve leakage disorders. In this case, you will feel some kind of palpitation as a result of certain disturbance in the normal heart beat rhythm.

4. Excessive and continuous cough, especially when you are lying down. This kind of cough is generally neglected by people. However, this may potentially indicate a diseased valve.

5. Dizziness can be seen very frequently.

6. Abnormally swelling of your feet and ankles. This is another most common symptom seen in patients suffering from heart valve disorders.

7. Urination process frequency is almost doubled per day. If you face excessive urination problem, then it is the high time that you seek for medical consultation.

Well, there can be other indications of a heart valve disease too. However, these are the most common ones. Therefore, it is highly recommended that if you notice any of these above symptoms, immediately consult a good cardiologist. It may happen that in spite of the fact that you are experiencing any of these symptoms; still chances are there that you are not actually suffering from the heart valve leakage disorders. However, ignoring these symptoms can severely cause you serious health conditions including certain fatal heart diseases. In addition, it is not always necessary that a heart valve leakage patient faces these symptoms. He or she can be asymptomatic. So, any abnormal activities warn you to go to a doctor and check your heart’s condition, as nothing is worth more than your life!

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