At Home Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment

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At Home Bleeding Hemorrhoids TreatmentOnce diagnosed, the treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids varies depending on the severity.
Most times, external bleeding hemorrhoids treatment begins at home by first relieving and reducing symptoms that can be bothersome. Normally, (but by no means always!) small internal bleeding hemorrhoids will not need treatment other than pain relief tablets.  Avoid taking aspiring though. Asprin and other anti-inflammatory drugs may cause more bleeding from hemorrhoids. Choose instead acetaminophen such as Tylenol. For information on bleeding internal hemorrhoids treatment please see our bleeding internal hemorrhoids section.

Again, if you’re looking for at home bleeding hemorrhoid treatment options it is necessary that you first are sure the bleeding is from hemorroids and that it is not severe enough to warrant medical intervention.

To begin, treatment depends on where the hemorrhoids are located and why types of symptoms they’re causing and their severity. Often simple conservative options will help the natural healing process along and will clear up the problem.

Keeping the anal area clean and dry is important when starting hemorrhoids bleeding treatment. When wiping, use damp tissue with a mild soap and dab gently rather than actually wiping.

Once dry, use powder to absorb moisture and help to keep the area free of moisture.

The less rubbing, wiping and friction on the affected area, the quicker the healing will be.

Because bleeding hemorrhoids are often a result of pressure and straining during bowel movements, it’s important to refrain from that behavior so the swelling can subside.

Eat a high fiber diet that includes roughage and bran. Fiber and bran will retain water in the stool which will help to produce soft, bulkier stools that will be passed without straining.

Choose bulking agents like Fibercon, Citrucel, Metamucil which are available in both grocery stores and drug stores.

hemorrhoids bleeding treatmentIce packs may help to reduce the swelling.
To ease the symptoms of pain and tenderness from bleeding hemorrhoids, run a hot bath or sitz bath (water high enough to cover the area) and soak for 15 minutes a few times daily. This will help bring heat and pain relief as well as promote healing. To aid in making sitz baths easier, there are product such as inflatable toilet sitz baths that can be filled and emptied with ease rather than having to get into the tub throughout the day.

Also, there are many over-the-counter medications that may be purchased such as hydrocortisone creams. These may help to reduce swelling, pain and itching from external bleeding hemorrhoids.

Remember to check with your doctor if you are unsure of the source of rectal bleeding. Rectal bleeding can be a sign of a very serious condition.

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