Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids Information

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bleeding internal hemorrhoidsWhile most small bleeding internal hemorrhoids won’t grow large enough to be terribly bothersome, large ones may bulge and come through the opening of the anus. They may go back in after a bowel movement or at worst, they may remain out. If possible, you may have to push them back in.
Sometimes, albeit rarely, the internal bleeding hemorrhoids may bulge through and swell on the outside of the anus. If this happens and the muscles that control the opening and the closing of the anus may pinch and subsequently cut off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid. If this happens it will require urgent surgery because the hemorrhoid is now a strangulated hemorrhoid and there is danger that the tissue could die and further complications such as infection could arise. This will cause sever pain. Please see your doctor immediately if this happens.

Internal bleeding hemorrhoids are enclosed in a mucous membrane and occur above the dentate line in the anal canal. The most common symptom of internal bleeding hemorrhoids is rectal bleeding. The bleeding is bright red and may be found on the toilet paper when wiping, in the toilet water and on the surface of the stool. Be sure that if rectal bleeding occurs, you are diagnosed with internal bleeding hemorrhoids because rectal bleeding may also be a sign of very serious illness that needs attention.

Once diagnosed, if bleeding isn’t stopping with suggested at home bleeding internal hemorrhoids treatment, your doctor may wish to perform medical procedures to aid in healing.

These medical procedures may be fixative (without surgery) or may include surgery in which anesthesia is involved. Before any invasive medical treatments are undertaken, most physicians will first attempt the fixative approaches.

The fixative measures include Rubber band ligation which is a procedure during which the hemorrhoid is tied off with small rubber bands which cuts off the blood supply and ends in the hemorrhoid shrinking, dying and falling off usually within a week

Another fixative procedure is laser coagulation in which the blood supply is cut off by the laser which creates scar tissue. Laser procedures are usually a bit more expensive.

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