Genital Warts

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hpv-Human papilloma virusWhen you have been exposed to genital warts during sexual intercourse you may not realize what this means and what it can do or how to treat it. Most cases of genital warts are caused by a strain of the Human Papilloma Virus, more commonly known as HPV. This virus can be highly contagious and there are 70 different types that all have different degrees of severity. Some cause cervical and penis cancer, some cause complications during conception, infertility, and some are completely undetectable and people do develop immunity to them.

Genital warts are caused by sexual activity and can develop in the mouth and throat if you engage in oral sex with an infected person. Men and women are both at risk and usually develop the warts in the genital or anal region of the body. You are more at risk if you begin sexual activity at a young age, if you have sex with someone who has had multiple sex partners, if you have unsafe sex, and if you have more than one sex partner.

If you are infected with the HPV virus you might develop warts on your vagina, on the penis, around the anal area and they can be flat, round, single, in clusters, small or large, and sometimes may not be visible. It is known that half the people that are infected do not have any warts at all.
genital warts - HPVTo get diagnose you will need to have a regular pap smear and you can also have a blood test or Digene Hybrid Test. Once you have been diagnosed you can use various treatment methods. One method is surgery where the warts are removed. This is done, especially during pregnancy where the warts might block the birth canal. You can also take herbal tablets called Beta-Mannan which have been proven to remove all traces of the HPV in 90 days. There is also a vaccine which is now offered to young girls which aims to prevent them contracting the strain which causes genital arts and cervical cancer.

There is no cure for the HPV infection and even if surgery is performed the patient may develop the virus again. Some people do become immune and some can take other treatments which keep it under control like gels, creams, chemical treatments, laser therapy, and antiviral drugs which are injected into the warts.

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