HPV And Religion

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hpv and pregnancyFor long, mankind has suffered ailments for the fact that they have turned into an anathema and become a reason for regret than a cause of concern. The symptoms of HPV may not be curable but they certainly need to be addressed and people have to be made aware of it the way programmes have been launched on a mammoth level to educate them about HIV AIDS.

HPV may be much milder in comparison to HIV but awareness needs to be generated about it too for the reason that though it may not be a killer disease exactly, it is a cause of concern in terms of hygiene and health.

Religion is for the better of mankind and it must never come in the way of spreading awareness about health issues. It has been seen in developing nations that programmes such as the one for eradication of polio have met with severe resistance from religious bias. Since fear of God is at par with the fear of death, it is hard to convince people to shed their inhibitions and talk about health issues, since people consider such debates opposed to their religious beliefs and social mores.
It is often misconstrued that talking about health issues, especially if they are related to the sexual aspect of human life, will promote wild sexual activity. What such misconceptions ignore is the fact that sexual activity is common even in times of crises and war and spreading awareness about safe sex could only prevent calamity of epidemic proportions. Vaccinating with Gardasil is a necessity that must be championed like the cause of polio eradication. It is expected of religious heads to preach to the followers of their respective religions the importance of being healthy and indulging in safe practices of sex. Just as a positive outlook could go a long way in the prevention of a killer disease like AIDS, it could also help a lot in the prevention of HPV which even takes its toll on human life in extreme cases.

The religious heads could do well by citing examples even from the religious and mythological books which are replete with stories of the ills of promiscuity and thereby they could educate the ‘spread love not disease’ message far and wide. In the modern world, it is very important that religion becomes relevant to life especially of the youth who are the future of the world.

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