HPV Quick Facts

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hpv-vaccineIf you have been diagnosed with Human Papilloma Virus know as HPV, you may be scared and not realize that a lot of the population has it. There are some facts that you may not know about HPV and what it can do, the symptoms, the causes, and the cures.

Firstly, the HPV can come in 70 different forms, some of which may cause genital warts, flat warts, anal warts, miscarriages, cervical cancer, penis cancer, cervical dysplasia, and more. Some however, may not give you any diseases or show any symptoms. Many people are just carriers to the virus and have become immune to it.

HPV has been shown to be transmitted sexually but this is not the only way that this virus can be transmitted. It just so happens that many of the types of HPV are mainly sexually transmitted, but there are some that are simply transmitted by skin to skin contact, like just touching someone’s arm. This can be quite scary and it shows that HPV is highly contagious. The virus can be operated on which is what most sufferers of warts have to undergo. There is another cure though called Beta-Mannan which is a natural product derived from Aloe Vera. Taking these capsules every day, or as prescribed for your specific type of HPV can get rid of the virus totally.
hpv and pregnancyIt is also known that if you have had HPV you can get it again in another form, so you must keep an eye on it with regular tests called Digene Hybrid Tests. Pap smears are also used to detect the virus but cannot pick up all of the types. This is also why many men fail to get diagnosed. They are just as prone to the disease as women, but due to the regular pap smears that women have to have, the HPV is more easily detected. The cure of Beta-Mannan has been shown to eliminate any signs of the HPV in only 90 days with regular doses.

These are just some of the facts about the different types of the Human Papilloma Virus and what you can do to make sure that you are safe from it. Get tested regularly, take Beta-Mannan and take care, especially if you are pregnant as this virus can attack while your immune system is low.  If you wan to find out more about HPV you can find many other informative articles online and speak to your health care provider about any worries that you have.

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