Human Papillioma Virus (HPV)

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hpv typesHPV is short for Human Papillioma Virus and is a sexually transmitted disease which is thought to be the only cause of cervical cancer, as well as vaginal infections with discharge and chronic infections of the urinary tract. There are different types of HPV and many of them are not noticeable to the naked eye, nor do they produce any symptoms. The most common form of this virus is known to us as genital warts and can also cause infertility and miscarriages.

This virus goes mainly undetected and can be found in both men and women, although women are more likely to discover the virus when they have a pap smear. To be diagnosed, one would have to have a Digene Hybrid Capture test. The HPV can be transmitted mainly through sexual contact, but can also be transferred by simple touching of the skin.

The statistics of HPV continue to grow every day because this virus is highly contagious. There are 70 different types may cause genital warts, flat warts, and cervical dysplasia among other things, but some may go undetected with their carrier showing no warts, and some people do become immune to different strains of the virus. There is a cure that is used frequently to treat the infections called Beta-Mannan.
During pregnancy the cervical dysplasia becomes more common because of the routine pap smears that are given as well as the immune system being stressed there for allowing the virus to attack more easily.  It was shown in a study of men aged between 17 and 80 that 28 percent of the men had HPV that would develop into warts.

genital warts - HPVIn women the HPV has been studied with regard to miscarriages and it was shown that the prevalence of HPV was three times higher in women who had had miscarriages, which shows that this virus is one of the msn cause of spontaneous abortions. In a recent study at a University, it showed that 32 percent of the college women had HPV.

With these statistics, you can now see that you should be careful about promiscuous sexual activity and you should get tested regularly by having a Digene Hybrid Test. If you can get tested for this virus early on in life, you can make sure that it gets treated with the natural Beta-Mannan without having to undergo surgery. You will be able to fight the virus and slowly develop immunity to them, thus lowering your risk of developing cancer and other diseases.

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