Ways To Prevent HPV

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hpvHuman papilloma virus (HP) comprises sexually transmitted diseases (STD), which include cervical cancer and genital warts, caused by human papillomaviruses. Though about 20 million Americans affected each year by the disease are hit largely due to their promiscuous lifestyles, it is also true that the virus affects also the monogamous and even the asexual. The reason is that the virus remains dormant and among men it is known to come and go without any overt symptoms.

But since a larger section of the populace being affected by HPV comprises the promiscuous ones, it is advised to restrain the number of sexual partners and restrict the practice of unsafe sex. A condom is a must for use, at times even in a faithful monogamous relationship to prevent pregnancy. There is a large variety of condoms available in the market falicitate a variety of amorous activities such as stronger ones for anal sex and flavoured ones for oral pleasures.

Remaining faithful tops the list of dos in the prevention of HPV. For both men and women it is advisable to limit their sexual activity to a single partner. Besides, since women stand a higher risk of HPV transforming into cervical cancer, they should, besides containing sexual hyperactivity if any, go in for routine examinations such as pap smear test. Men, on the other hand, must remember that drugs and sex could be a dangerous cocktail in which they may end up either ignoring the use of condom or ending up using  it ineptly, defeating the purpose.
In men, HPV mostly never appears and when it does, it shows in the form of warts in the genital area, at the tip of the penis, on the shaft of the penis, on the scrotum or around the anus. In the case of warts appearing in any of the said areas, it is advisable first of all for men to go off sex till the symptoms subside and if the sexual activity is unavoidable, they must use condom for the protection of self as well as for the safety of the partner. It should be seen by men as a signal to abstain from promiscuous habits and to limit the number of sex partners.

In women, HPV is a must avoid, since besides sexual activities, it could also end up affecting their reproductive system and is rather likely to have a telling effect even on the offsprings.

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