Muscular dystrophy causes

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Several genes play a pivotal role in the manufacturing of proteins which protect the fibers of the muscles from impairment and damage. When one of these genes is faulty, muscular dystrophy occurs. The various types of the disorder are caused by mutation of the genes that is specific to that type of the disease. Most of these mutations are inherited, whilst some occur unexpectedly in the mother’s ovum or in the embryo.


What Causes Muscular Dystrophy?

A genetic predilection for the disease is the most important cause for the occurrence of muscular dystrophy. The condition can develop in all ages, both sexes, and all races; but the commonest type of muscular dystrophy, more often than not, develops in young boys. Those having a family history of the disease are at a greater peril of developing the disorder or giving it to the children.

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