Symptoms of muscular dystrophy

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Progressive weakness of the muscle is the chief manifesting symptom of muscular dystrophy. The various types of muscular dystrophy vary a bit, in terms of the age at which the symptoms emerge and the succession in which the muscle groups get afflicted.

Muscular Dystrophy Symptoms

All the muscles of the body may get affected, or only certain specific groups of muscles may get afflicted, like, the muscles around the shoulder, pelvis, or face. It can strike in adulthood, but the severe forms usually develop in the early part of childhood.

Symptoms are:

• Muscle weakness, which gradually worsens
• Difficulty in using one or more groups of muscles
• Delayed development of motor skills
• Drooping of the eyelid
• Drooling
• Falls frequently
• Delayed walking
• Loss of muscle strength in one muscle or a group of muscles
• Muscle size reduces
• Mental retardation, occasionally


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