Obesity Causes

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A person is considered overweight when having more fat in the body that what is optimally healthy. Common causes for overweight are a sedentary style of life and unhealthy diets. This condition is reversible and easier to take care of until it becomes obesity. Obesity is a more serious medical condition in which the excess fat has adverse effects on ones health, which can increase risks to developing or aggravating other conditions. Its causes vary from person to person. It can be caused by only a factor or by a multitude of factors that act simultaneously. It can be genetic, people of certain ages are more exposed and a very important role is played by the environmental factors and the life style. In order to treat it, obese persons have to detect what causes obesity in their case.

Obesity is proven to be a genetic disease. It is proven that individuals with relatives that are obese are more at risk than others to develop obesity. However, causes of obesity extend and are linked very much to the individuals diet and lifestyle. It is not guaranteed that a person with obese relatives will become obese since the development of this condition is linked to other factors as well.

Other causes of obesity are the emotional problems of individuals. Feelings of depression, anger or boredom often influence peoples eating habits. Even though these reasons are not related to hunger, they have an important impact in what and when people eat. Obesity is also associated with eating disorders such as bulimia. The most important risk factors for obesity are eating too much and the lack of physical exercise. This is the most common cause of obesity. A sedentary life, especially in older persons is a great risk of becoming obese. Older people are more likely to suffer from obesity due to the fact that as they age, people lose muscle and gain fat and their metabolism slows down. It is proven that women are more likely to get obese than men. Men have more muscles that burn calories even when resting.


Obesity causes can also be other medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, depression, polycystic ovarian syndrome. Obesity can be caused by certain medications as well, such as steroids or birth control pills.
Most of the individuals experience overweight problems since childhood. One of the most common childhood obesity causes is overeating. Even though children have a fast metabolism, it is important to keep an eye on what they eat and when they eat, especially if there are obese relatives in the family. Fast food, sugary drinks and processed snack foods along with physical inactivity is one of the major obesity causes in children. Obesity caused by medical conditions is very rare in children.

Obesity is a major health issue especially when considering that as much as 67% of the adult American is overweight or obese. This condition is treatable but better is to prevent it. If it is caused by other medical condition, the underlying cause is treated with specific medication along with a change of lifestyle. Healthy diets, low in fat, and physical activities are the first two easiest ways to prevent obesity.

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