Obesity Facts

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The reality concerning obese individuals in America is quite worrying. Here are some facts about obesity that prove this. Statistic information on obesity in the United States released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 4 years ago, in 2006, 1 out of 6 Americans older than 20 years old was overweight or obese. As much as 34% of the Americans were obese in 2006. There are substantial facts on obesity in children, considering that 18% of the American adolescents and 15% of the children between 6 and 11 years old were overweight. Not much smaller is the percentage of children older than 2 but younger than 6 years old that were overweight in 2006, and that is 11%. What is more worrying is that the numbers keep getting bigger and bigger. Recently statistics revealed that obesity rates tend to increase in all states without decreasing in any of them. However, the rate in adults obesity has increased constantly since 1991, when the highest percentage was 20% in few states and much lower in the other. Per total, at the beginning of the 1990s as much as 10 to 15% of Americans were obese.

Obesity in children has become a major issue of the American society and this is proved by specific child obesity facts. Parents are overwhelmed by their jobs, sometimes more than one, and all the other activities they must do in their spare time and then they tend to neglect what their children eat and when. Obesity in children is a serious medical condition because it can get in the way of the normal developing of their bodies. Obesity has an important role in the development of severe medical illnesses such as heart diseases, diabetes and stroke.

Obesity facts reveal that food today has a higher caloric density than in the past and that people do not eat as much fresh food as they used to, basically due to the proliferation of innovative technical equipment such as the microwave which makes preparing food so fast and easy, but not so healthy. Other obesity facts are that nowadays, Americans tend to prefer bigger portions and tend to choose quantity over quality. Fast food and sugary drinks became part of most of the meals of Americans. On the other hand, obesity facts show that in schools the physical activity is more and more limited and the access to unhealthy food and drinks has increased. This is one of the causes of obesity in children.

Obesity has a great impact on ones health, being one of the causes leading to diabetes, the seventh cause of death in the United States. Obesity facts reveal that children are the first at risk to develop type 2 diabetes.
Each ten years, health officials set goals, trying to decrease the number of obese persons. However, these goals are almost always reassessed since the first ones seem unreachable. The last goal was to decrease the rate of obese persons to 15%. However, the most recent data is still collecting but unofficial declarations set a 34% rate of obese people for 2010, thus increased.

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