2 Great Home Pregnancy Exercises to do….

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Healthy pregnancy.For a lot of pregnant women, the thought of having to actually go to a gym is a HUGE obstacle in exercising.

I know I just couldn’t motivate myself to step into a stuffy, not to mention smelly, environment. So I modified my workout and swam, which was a great solution for me because it was quiet, easy on my joints and extremely refreshing!

But if you’re not into swimming or going to the gym, don’t despair – here are 2 EASY and EFFECTIVE exercises that you can do in the comfort of your OWN HOME. And best of all, you don’t need any equipment – just your own body weight and gravity.

Here are my TOP 2 Home Exercises:

1. Step Ups – find a set of stairs and a railing. Place your foot on the first, second or third step (depending on your difficulty level) and slowly PULL yourself up to standing, raising the knee of your non-working leg to hip level (you might have to angle your leg out if your belly is getting in the way).

Concentrate on pressing through your heel and lifting slowly, NOT pushing from your bottom foot. Do the same side 15 times and then alternate. Make sure you hold on to the railing (your balance is compromised right now!).

2. Plies (with Kegels!) – stand with your feet a little more than shoulder width apart, toes pointed outwards. Slowly squat down towards the floor, making sure your knees stay over your ankles at all times. Do a kegel at the bottom, then squeeze your bum, press your knees back and come up to standing.

Repeat 15 times. For extra intensity, hold at the bottom (knees bent) and then do 15 baby bounces.

Please note, before you get started:

First thing, get the OK to exercise from your Health Care Provider. Secondly, warm
up before you begin each workout (5-10 minutes). Now that you’re pregnant, your warm-up is absolutely essential because it prepares your body for exercise.

These exercises WILL help you tone your lower body!!

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