Blood Pregnancy Test Accuracy

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pregnancy,pregnancy tips,pregnancy stages,pregnancy signsDoctors rely on Blood pregnancy test accuracy to confirm pregnancy for their patients. False pregnancy alarms usually leave a woman in a state of a dilemma. Women who have been longing to conceive usually get very excited as soon as they witness something positive in this direction. On the other hand, those who are not yet prepared for a child dread such alarms. Whatever the situation is, the individual and their respective families have to wait before everything is clear. In any case blood pregnancy test results can help to settle their confusion.

In order to be sure of your condition is necessary that you go for a blood test for pregnancy. Blood examinations are least likely to go wrong as far as pregnancy is concerned. When a woman becomes pregnant the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG levels in the blood range between 25 mIU at 10dpo or Days Past Ovulation. The level increases to 50mIU at 12dpo and subsequently to 100mIU after 14dpo.

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is secreted by the growing placenta. This follows the fertilization of the egg and its placement in the uterine lining. A test can detect 5 to 10mIU of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in the blood. But such detection following pregnancy test in blood cannot be taken as an indication of a positive result. It may well be a false alarm as HCG levels can go down even without being pregnant.

Doctors usually rely on two different kinds of blood pregnancy tests.

• One of them is the hCG test. This test can confirm pregnancy within eight to ten days post ovulation.

• The other test that may thwart alarms of false pregnancy is the quantitative blood serum test. In medical terms it is alternatively referred to as beta hCG test and can precisely determine the hCG hormone level in the blood. This sort of test can help the individual to be absolutely sure of the pregnancy and thereby dismiss any chances of a false pregnancy alarm.

A blood test in anticipation of a possible pregnancy may yield two kinds of results. Either it would be a case of false negative results or a case of false positive results. In the former the test results may show that you have not yet conceived when you actually have. This may happen if the hCG levels are way too low.

On other hand, the blood test may show that you are pregnant while in reality you are not. This may happen if you are on medication. There are certain drugs that have hCG as one of its components. These include diuretics and Promethazine which are used to treat signs of common cold.

Blood test results are mostly referred to by doctors in order to determine whether their patients are pregnant or whether it is just a false alarm. Blood examination results are correct on most occasions. Doctors take blood pregnancy test accuracy as a determinant of pregnancy and advise the patient to take proper care accordingly.

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