Can Women Take Prenatal Vitamins if they’re Not Pregnant

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prenatal-vitamins-review-literature-benefitsPrenatal vitamins are useful and helpful for a woman who is pregnant. But these prenatal vitamins are also good for all other women.
Taking vitamin at prenatal stage immensely beneficial for a pregnant woman. During pregnancy extra care and support needed for the body because women body undergoes with so many changes. So these vitamins are helpful for pregnant lady because pregnant woman need higher vitamins as comparatively a normal woman.
Prenatal vitamins are not bad for normal women because vitamin C, vitamin B and some other vital vitamins are associated with it.
These prenatal vitamins can build up body and cause health problems.
Prenatal vitamins are useful for hairs, nails, bones.

Prenatal vitamins are:

  1. Folic Acid:-Folic acid is the most important and necessary. Healthy adults who are not pregnant need 400 mcg of folic acid. With healthy diet you can take prenatal vitamin and it will increase the daily consumption of folic acid to 10,000 mcg.
  2. Calcium: – Calcium is all responsible for the development of the bones, development of nerves, muscles growth etc. So taking calcium through prenatal is not bad it will help for your bones, and make them much stronger and healthier.
  3. Potassium:-Potassium is useful for the woman who is conceiving the baby. This is helpful for combat situation like imbalance of the BP (blood pressure) during the time of pregnancy as well as for those who are not pregnant.
  4. Iron: – 18 mg of iron is needed by a normal woman and amount increased by 27 percent for a pregnant woman. You can take prenatal vitamin because it is source of iron and it will help you and can build up your system.
  5. Thiamine:-This prenatal vitamin is useful for provide energy to the pregnant woman. It is the only source of energy. And it will help in the breaking of carbohydrates in the body. Thiamine is the source for energy.

Prenatal vitamin is a host for all vital nutrients like: – vitamin c, vitamin a, copper, pantothenic.
Well, prenatal vitamins are basically formulated for pregnant women and contain high level of vitamins and nutrient.
Prenatal vitamins may not good choice if you are not pregnant, you can take these vitamins they are not harmful but some nutrients are only necessary for pregnant women.
So it is very good idea to take these prenatal if there is any chance of you becoming pregnant.

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