Digital Pregnancy Tests And Clearblue Tests

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digital pregnancySelecting the best digital pregnancy test is based on three benchmarks, test sensitivity, the ease of use/interpretation and price. In considering which test we need to buy, we need to compare formats of testing and then consider branded versus generic tests. Branded tests that are found in drugstores are quite expensive and come in midstream format. Unbranded tests are affordable, equally reliable, FDA approved and more sensitive than drugstore tests. Unbranded tests are available in both midstream and test strip forms. Test strip are the cheapest option and this type of tests can be found in the doctor’s office or clinics.

When a woman becomes pregnant, a special chemical called human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG is produced by her. These kinds of tests are also known as the urine pregnancy test which consists of a strip with an absorbent material surrounded by a plastic case. The strips have some kind of chemical on them which reacts to other chemical when it comes in contact with them. There are two types of chemical in the strip one which reacts to the presence of urine. This marks the control line which let us know that the test is working fine. The second chemical reacts to the HCG. If HCG is present in the urine the result is positive. The amount of HCG varies from test to test.

Clearblue pregnancy test is a home based pregnancy test which gives test results depending upon the HCG levels present in the urine. There are two types of this test. These are clearblue easy pregnancy tests and clearblue easy digital pregnancy test. These types of test kits have a positive and a negative mark which decides whether the woman is pregnant or not. The strips of these kits are dipped in to the urine stream for a period of five seconds. Once it is done, the color of the strips changes to pink. This proves that the urine has been absorbed and the user will have to wait for two to three minutes for the results. If plus mark is displayed the pregnancy is true and incase of negative, it does not exist. In certain cases the pregnancy test might fail then a repeat test is done. The only difference between digital test and clearblue test is the result will not be a fainted line or positive sign instead it will be a digital display which will show that whether the woman is pregnant or not. In the digital test a holder is available where the strip has to be placed for certain period to get the result.

Some fertility drug contain hCG, so if you are using one of these check and make sure that it does not contain this hormone. It is to be noted that the most popular fertility drug, clomid does not contain hCG and thus it will not interfere with a digital pregnancy test.

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