Essential Nutrients & Vitamins for Pregnancy

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prenatal-vitaminsAccording to Obstetricians and Gynecologist of America, every pregnant lady must have a healthy diet like variety of foods, with some proteins, carbohydrates, fats and some minerals.

Balanced and good diet is a very good way to gain some nutrients as well as some vitamin supplements. Pregnant woman only take these vitamin in the recommendation of the doctor.

These vitamins are not substitute for the healthy diet.Vitamins are very good for a pregnant lady but we cannot replace the healthy diet with vitamins. Because vitamins and minerals always work as a supplements. These vitamin are helpful but it’s depend n the dosage of the vitamin

Some Essential Nutrients and Vitamins for pregnancy:-

  1. Vitamin A and Beta Carotene: – These vitamin and mineral helps in the development of the bones of the baby. And the only 770 mcg is needed not more than that. This vitamin and mineral can be easily available in milk, carrots, eggs, yellow and green vegetables etc.
  2. Vitamin D: – Vitamin D  uses calcium and phosphorus.5 mcg of vitamin D is enough. Vitamin D easily gets by the sunshine, fish, milk etc.
  3. Vitamin E: – Vitamin E helps in the development of red blood cells ,production of extra blood,  production of muscles. Vitamin E is available in vegetable oil, meat, spinach. Only 15 mg is enough
  4. Vitamin C: – Vitamin c is useful for protecting body tissue from the external damage. Vitamin C builds a good immune system for a pregnant woman. Vitamin c is available in bell peppers,broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes,green beans etc.  And 80 to 85 mg is enough.
  5. Thiamine B1:- Useful and helpful in  the increment of energy level of the body. And it regulates the nervous system,muscles etc. Whole grain, eggs,fortified, wheat germ,  pasta, pork, nuts,organ meats, are the sources of getting thiamine B1.
  6. Riboflavin B2:– This vitamin helps in maintaining energy of the body, healthy skin  etc. Source of this vitamins are: – Meats, poultry, dairy, eggs etc.
  7. Niacin B3:- This vitamin is good for healthy skin and also controls your nerves and digestion system. High protein food, fish, milk, peanuts are the main sources of this vitamin.
  8. Pyridoxine B6:– This vitamin is helpful for red blood cells, morning sickness etc. Bananas, broccoli,beans,walnuts ,  brown rice, peanuts, are the main sources for this vitamin.
  9. Folic Acid:-Folic acid saves the baby to the disease spina bifida and other disease related to tube defects . You can get folic acid by Oranges, strawberries, orange juice, green  vegetables,beets, spinach, broccoli, , fortified cereals,cauliflower, peas, beans, pasta, nuts etc.
  10. Calcium:- Calcium is used for creating strong bones , strong teeth.  It helps in preventing blood clots and also helpful for the functioning of nerves system. Calcium can easily get by yogurt, cheddar cheese, milk, juices, cereals, breads, canned fish with bones,green vegetables
  11. Iron:- Iron is useful in the blood production, hemoglobin and it saves from anemia. Beef, dried pork,beans, dried fruits, spinach,wheat germ,  nuts fortified with the iron.
  12. Protein: – Protein useful for the production of amino acids, and it repairs cells and tissue. Most of animal foods, eggs,  burgers,  nuts and dairy products are the sources of protein.
  13. Zinc:- Zinc produce insulin. Red meat, dairy products, grains, oysters, beans or nuts fortified with zinc.

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