False Pregnancy In Women

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pregnancy testsFalse pregnancy in women is more common than you think. Research shows that a lot of couples go through the traumatic experience of having a false pregnancy or pseudocyesis. It is an emotionally and mentally taxing period, especially for the woman. It becomes even more difficult because there are not well-known causes which give rise to false pregnancy. As a result, the person who has been affected might be entirely unaware of it. Therefore, it is important to know about the possible causes of false pregnancy. It is generally estimated that false pregnancy is caused due to changes in the endocrine system of the body, leading to the secretion of hormones which translate into physical changes similar to those during pregnancy. The underlying cause is often mental.

Most cases of false pregnancy occur in women who are in their thirties or forties. In a majority of these cases, the woman is married and has a very strong desire to be pregnant. It may well be the case that the disappointment of not being able to conceive despite years of efforts has an effect on the body and mind leading to false pregnancy. It often occurs in women who have been pregnant once or may have gone through the traumatic experience of a miscarriage. Famous documented cases of false pregnancy include cases during the time of Aristotle. The famous queen Mary I of Britain has been said to have suffered from several false pregnancies. The biggest problem with pseudocyesis is the difficulty when diagnose the problem.

digital pregnancyFalse pregnancy symptoms are consistent with those of regular pregnancy. There may be irregularity in the periods, mood swings, cravings and even physical changes such an expanding stomach, tenderness in the breasts and more. Interestingly, one thing common in all cases of false pregnancy is the mental state of the patient. It has always been seen that victims of false pregnancy had a very strong belief that they were indeed pregnant. Hence in a lot of these cases, doctors often diagnosed the pregnancy to be genuine. In rare cases symptoms even included false labor in the patient. It is important to understand though, that false pregnancy is generally not that difficult to detect.In most cases, a simple clinical pregnancy test such as a urine test can be a false pregnancy test. Other than that, methods such as ultrasound can easily reveal the absence of a fetus within the patient.

However, treatment post diagnosis is a more serious issue. The physical symptoms can be treated with simple medication such as those to solve the problem of irregular periods. Counseling and targeted therapy are essential in order to make the patient cope with the physical and mental repercussions. Since most of the victims were extremely willing to get pregnant in the first place this may be very difficult. It is therefore recommended that you get acquainted with the condition better.

Welcome to our website. Through this medium we are here to help. Going through the rest of this site will familiarize you with the symptoms, ways you can prevent false pregnancy, pregnancy tests at home and the treatment methods you can utilize. Remember that knowing more about false pregnancy in women will help you fight it.

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